BLK Capital Management is changing the face of the financial industry, from President Rachel Giadolor


ROCKWALL, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2021 / BLK Capital Management Group (BLK) is not only changing the face of the financial industry, it is also changing the talk about who the experts are in financial management and literacy.

BLK is a student-run, black-owned, nonprofit organization that focuses on educating its members by exposing them to the field of active investment management.

The association strives to recruit the best talent from among students at its participating colleges and prepares them for a career in the financial services industry through mentorship, its extensive six-month training program and active time management. real value of its long / short equity portfolio.

In an industry that has a large under-representation of black professionals, BLK is a program that uplifts and empowers black students to step out of their comfort zone, build their networks, and step into reputable financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and more. BLK believes the future of finance is bleak.

For Rachel Giadolor, a student at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and president of BLK, this organization became a space where young black and bright talent, like herself, could thrive.

“I feel like I’ve really grown a lot. I arrived at SMU at 16 without too much self-confidence and with the feeling that I did not belong to this space. I thank BLK because it is a space with many smart and talented black individuals. It was very rewarding for me and made me feel more comfortable in my darkness.

Giadolor is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in operations research engineering management with a minor in environmental anthropology and a master’s degree in sustainability and development.

The youngest of 5 siblings, Giadolor has seen his siblings attend prestigious schools and pursue excellence in their careers. After her older brother told her about BLK, knowing that she had a slight interest in finance, she entered the program as an analyst for the association’s education program. However, she soon realized that finance was not her cup of tea.

She learned that leadership was her true passion and her close connection with BLK inspired her to take on the role of COO. As COO, she facilitated communications and improved internal metrics on behalf of BLK. After a year in this role, she became president, positioning her as the youngest president in BLK history at just 18 years old.

As current BLK President, Rachel Giadolor plans to leverage her bachelor’s and master’s studies to create frameworks and practices that will lay a lasting foundation for BLK’s future as a safe and enabling educational space for black talents to excel and change the face of finance. industry.

Get to know Rachel Giadolor, President of BLK Management

Rachel Giadolor is a young woman on a mission. In just 18 years of life, she has accomplished a lot.

From an internship at UT Southwestern Medical Center where she worked in their technology development office to completing a simulated mission in NASA’s L’Space program as a project manager and an internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers as a tax technology development intern, there is no doubt that she deserves the role of president of BLK.

In addition to the plans she has for BLK, Giadolor wants to forge a career path involving sustainable infrastructure and energy, as well as sustainable space exploration.

One thing is certain: the sky is not the limit for Rachel. And the same goes for BLK Capital Management Group.

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