Credit information: Small loans

Small loans with no upfront costs

Small loans with no upfront costs

With voucher, you can get small loans from 500 dollars and large loans up to a maximum of 100,000 dollars. In contrast to many other providers, we do our best for small loans as well as for large ones. How well and quickly we work for you does not depend in any way on the financing amount. With Fine Bank, your request will always be processed with premium service and in express mode – and completely free of charge.

These small loans are also possible with bad Credit Bureau

These small loans are also possible with bad Credit Bureau

When you ask large banks about a small loan, you experience that the request is often not accepted at all. In the corporate logic of the big banks, small loans simply don’t pay off because too much effort has to be made for too little profit. Fine Bank has something against this arrogance at large banks and therefore deliberately works with smaller financial institutions. These institutes are not too good at granting small loans of, for example, 1,000 or 2,000 dollars.

Even more: Especially with small loans, the requirements in the context of the credit check are not quite as strict. Since it is not a question of very large sums, the banks are more likely to be ready for unbureaucratic solutions. So if the salary is just sufficient and / or there are negative Credit Bureau characteristics, it does not have to mean the end of your loan request. Rather, we very often get a quick promise from our banking partners, even in “difficult cases”.

Your small loan in five steps

Your small loan in five steps

You are only five steps away from your small loan. In total, it takes about one to a week and a half from the request to the payment – provided that all documents are complete and there are no longer any unanswered questions.

Step 1: Free request

To apply for your small loan, you can use our online form on the website. At the beginning of your inquiry, simply select the desired loan amount and then follow the instructions.

Step 2: We negotiate with the banks

Even with small loans, we make every effort to find the best offer for you. We can compare offers from up to 20 different banks with a financing volume of 500 dollars or more. We negotiate with the financial institutions on your behalf in order to be able to offer you the most attractive loan proposal.

Step 3: Your offer comes by email and post

As soon as the negotiations with the banks about your small loan have been completed, you will receive your individually created offer by email. At the same time, we send the documents by post on the trip so that you can quickly hold the loan contract in your hands.

Step 4: You check our offer

You can now check our offer without any annoying inquiries. They do this undisturbed at home and are not put under pressure by anyone. Allow yourself as much time as you want for the test and only sign the loan agreement if you are satisfied with the terms of your small loan.

Step 5: You call up your small loan

If you are convinced, send the signed contract back and give an account number to which your small loan should be transferred. The final check at the bank and the payment usually take place within two to three working days.


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