Dr. Gao Wenbao addresses SID’s 60th anniversary celebration, introducing three innovation concepts

SAN JOSE, CA., May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About May 11SID Display Week 2022, a leading event in the display industry, opened in San Jose, United States. This coincides with the 60th anniversary celebration of the Society for Information Display (SID). As a prominent entrepreneur and industry expert, Dr. Gao Wenbao, Chairman of BOE, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the celebration. In his keynote speech, Gao shared his insights on the status quo and development trends of the global display industry and introduced three innovation concepts crucial for the sustainable development of the display industry. display, which resonated with attendees.

Gao is the only Chinese semiconductor display entrepreneur who was invited to speak at the celebration. He said that since its establishment in 1962, SID has served as a comprehensive communication and cooperation platform covering technology, materials, equipment and applications and played a central role in the commercialization of display technologies of peak, becoming the most prestigious gathering in the display industry. . Founded in 1993, BOE has become a global leader in the solid state display industry. During its epic journey, BOE has spearheaded the development of China the display industry, which has become an integral part of the global display sector. Since 2014, BOE has forged close ties with SID. Going forward, BOE will continue to work alongside SID to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the display industry.

Due to changes in the global political and economic landscapes and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the display industry has faced a variety of challenges such as the relationship between supply and demand and fluctuations in panel prices. Meanwhile, resource integration and structural optimization are happening in the industry at a faster pace. As it concentrates, the industry is expected to remain on a steady path. In the face of challenges and opportunities, Gao proposed three key innovation concepts for the proper development of the display industry.

Unleash the vitality of industrial development through technological innovation. Innovation is the engine of industrial development, and technological innovation is the foundation of enterprise development. Technological innovation should revolve around market and customer demands, and it is the most fundamental way to offset the impact of cyclical fluctuations and promote the healthy development of the industry. Over the years, BOE has been dedicated to innovation. In 2021, it invested more than 10 billion RMB in R&D and has remained among the world’s top 10 in terms of patent applications for five consecutive years. Additionally, the company has published more than 300 forward-looking technical papers and launched more than 260 breakthrough technologies and products through the SID platform and received a total of 13 innovation awards, including DIA and People’s Choice Awards. BOE has led or participated in the development of over 300 industry standards, gradually transforming itself from a leader in technological innovation into an industry standards body. BOE has been constantly innovating TFT-LCD, OLED and Mini/Micro LED and driving the industry upgrade with cutting-edge display technologies and products designed for customers across a wide range of industries. industries, giving strong impetus to market demand and industry vitality.

Promote the upgrading of the industry value chain through business innovation. Over the past two decades, the rapid development of the display industry has been widely attributed to the construction of new production lines. However, unhealthy competition between companies in terms of capacity and scale possesses further complicated the industrial environment. Therefore, the display industry urgently needs a healthier and more sustainable growth model. In December 2021BOE launched the first technology brand in China the solid-state display industry, marking the beginning of its “technology + brand” dual-drive model and a milestone for the industry. Its one-stop display solutions under the technology brand have enabled various industries not only to increase the premium and added value of display devices, but also to inspire the entire industry to shift from the pursuit of scale to the new technology-driven and even value-driven development path. creation. This has accelerated the expansion and upgrading of the entire industry value chain.

Navigating industry leaps and bounds development through application innovation. Nowadays, screens have become the first point of contact and the key interface for information interaction, and display technologies and smart devices have penetrated into countless scenarios of daily life, heralding the era where “screens are ubiquitous”. In the new round of industrial revolution represented by 5G, AI big data, IoT and other advanced technologies, digital and intelligent applications are ushering in a new era of “Internet of screens”, offering new opportunities for an IoT market worth billions of yuan. Guided by the “Internet of Displays” strategy, BOE brings feature-rich displays in various forms to a wider range of scenarios and accelerates the integration of display technology and IoT applications to enable countless scenarios. By doing so, it leads the whole industrial chain towards the new era of IoT.

Gao called on companies to proactively shoulder their corporate social responsibility and work together to create a green, healthy and sustainable environment while pursuing innovation-driven development. Over the years, BOE has integrated the green concept into the full life cycle of R&D and production, and actively promoted energy conservation and green development through technological innovation. The amount of electricity saved per year can meet the needs of 100,000 Chinese households throughout the year, and the amount of water saved is equivalent to the annual water consumption of nearly 50,000 Chinese households. Currently, BOE has 12 smart factories which have been designated as “national green factories”. Green applications driven by technological innovation represent a major trend in the industry. BOE’s products are energy efficient, recyclable and eye-friendly, among other benefits. The digital badges worn by BOE volunteers. In addition, the company has strengthened digital education in rural areas through smart education solutions with the aim of helping to reduce urban-rural gaps in education and cultivate an enabling environment for the industry and society.

Innovation is an endless pursuit. In the future, BOE will continue to fully play its role as an industry leader and join forces with industry chain partners to create more value and realize the vision of “internet of screens”, bringing thus the industry into a new stage of sound and sustainable development.

SOURCEBOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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