Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation hosts career fair


DUNCAN, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Employers added more than thirteen thousand jobs in September, more than double the jobs created in August.

In an effort to further reduce the unemployment rate, 19 companies have shown up at the Simmons Center in Duncan, ready to find their new employees.

The Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation set out to do just that at today’s job fair.

One of the event’s organizers, Henry Lehr, spoke about the large number of companies present and how they span several different industries.

“There’s just a lot of variety here, so anyone looking for a job will find something here that appeals to them,” said Henry Lehr, business and industry specialist for the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation.

He also discussed the purpose of the event, which was to provide better jobs for Duncan and the surrounding area.

“We are trying to provide primary sector jobs in the community, high paying jobs that people can have families on, buy a newer house,” Lehr said. “The more we can create these kinds of jobs, the better off the community is, and that’s what it’s all about, it’s about helping the community to function well.

Lehr hopes this afternoon’s event will help make connections that lead to jobs and a better community in the end.

“Everyone here wants to see people and talk to people, and we just want to see the community doing well and hire people,” Lehr added.

There isn’t yet another job fair planned in Duncan, but Lehr says depending on how successful this one is, there may be another in the near future.

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