Financial Industry Veterans Join Dignity Gold Advisory Board


US-Based Gold Reserve Backed Security Token Team Adds Dean Newton, Gary Levi and Roy Behren to Advisory Board, Expanding Team’s Expertise, Diversity and Strategic Knowledge

NEW YORK, November 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Gold of dignity, LLC, (“Dignity Gold”), United Statesbased on digital security that takes a revolutionary approach to using gold reserves to back up its token, has announced the appointment of several new members to its advisory board. The board welcomes Dean newton, general partner at Relevance Ventures, the only venture capital firm not affiliated with a Native American tribe; Gary Levi, founder of Intrac Global; and Roy Behren, Managing Member of Westchester Capital Management LLC and Former SEC Attorney.

Dignity Gold, a blockchain development company creating security tokens to unlock new ways to invest in United States Precious Metals, Mining and Minerals Sector, has made additions to its advisory board to broaden its financial expertise, approach to regulation, diversity and add key experts in several different disciplines.

“We are delighted to welcome these distinguished individuals to our Advisory Board,” said Kent M. Swig, President of Dignity Gold. “Each new member will play a valuable role in continuing to establish Dignity Gold as a reliable and compliant gold-backed security token that provides the easiest path for a variety of investors (retail / institutional) to benefit from opportunities in United States precious metals and minerals mining sector.

Dean newton is a general partner at Nashvilleventure capital firm, Relevance Ventures (the only Indigenous venture capital firm not affiliated with United States), where he works alongside his brother Cameron Newton, founder of Relevance Ventures, and sits on several boards of directors of interesting companies in which he invests. Mr. Newton joined Relevance in 2018, after nearly 20 years in leadership roles in media, mobile and other technology-driven companies in the Los Angeles and Nashville Region. Mr. Newton attended Harvard for his undergraduate and law degrees.

Gary Levi is the founder of Intrac Global, an asset exchange company providing creative financial solutions, strategic marketing and structural capacity management to create sustainable revenue growth and reduce operating costs. He is also the Founder and President of Global Strategies Inc., an international marketing and strategic management consultancy for corporate clients to increase business and consumer awareness. Mr. Levi is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in Marketing and Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Management, Digital Strategy, Negotiation and Business Planning. Mr. Levi received his undergraduate degree from the University of Denver and his MBA of St. John’s University.

Roy Behren is currently a Managing Member of Westchester Capital Management LLC, as well as a Portfolio Manager for Westchester Capital Management’s Merger Fund ($ MERFX) and Event-Driven Fund ($ WCEIX). WCM provides investment advisory and discretionary investment management services to some of the world’s leading institutions, high net worth investors and retail shareholders. Mr. Behren also sits on the Board of Directors of Sharp Alpha Advisors. Previously, he was an attorney for the Securities on Exchange Commission (SEC). He is an expert in investment advisory services, specializing in event and alternative investment strategies. Mr. Behren obtained a BS in economics from University of Pennsylvania, and degrees in law New York University and the Miami University.

The new members will work in harmony with the current board members, including Kent M. Swig, Steve braverman, Oliver B. Swig, William B. Heyn and Alexandre nassief.

To learn more about the new members of the Advisory Board, check out their LinkedIn profiles: Dean newton, Gary Levi and Roy Behren.

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Founded in 2019 by Stephen braverman and Kent M. Swig, Gold of dignity is the parent company of Dignity Corp. which issues the Dignity token using the DIGau ticker backed by gold deposits located at United States.

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