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Movements towards the creation of an anti-racist society will require the reflection, engagement and cooperation of the most powerful – and often homogeneous – industries, including finance. This kind of institutional overhaul doesn’t happen overnight, but Invesco’s Colin Meadows is helping his business and others begin to fulfill a new fiduciary duty to racial equality.

The role of Senior Managing Director and Head of Digital Enterprises at Meadows’ investment firm, along with his decades of experience in the financial industry, has given him a first-hand view of the issue of industry and corporate diversity. progress still to be made. In this episode of Improve business, Meadows and Quartz CEO Zach Seward discuss finance’s specific imperative for change, the role investors can play, and the progress all business leaders can make on this mission.

In a $ 100,000 billion industry, it doesn’t take much to direct some of that money to diverse entrepreneurs and make a huge difference in the bottom line.

Managers’ work to hold themselves and their organizations accountable is only just beginning, Meadows says, and his industry-wide insights are a valuable reminder and resource on how money can really move the world. needle.

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