IXFI: a new cryptocurrency exchange disrupting the decentralized finance industry

Cryptocurrency has provided a loophole for traders to conduct cross-border transactions without intermediaries and without excessive fees in a decentralized manner. This allowed unbanked and underbanked people to access the money market and buy crypto at all times without being restricted. These are some of the powerful use cases for virtual currencies.

2021 has seen crypto adoption skyrocket due to rising inflation in several countries around the world. Countries such as El Salvador and Myanmar have already adopted cryptocurrency as legal tender, which further sums up the popularity of these assets.

As digital currencies become popular, there is a lack of safe and user-friendly exchanges that will make it easier to trade these assets. The currently available exchanges are still complex for beginners and even some experienced traders. High trading fees and a lack of sufficient customer support remain persistent issues that have yet to be resolved.

A secure exchange with a full ecosystem will alleviate these issues and further encourage adoption. To this end, we present to you the new IXFI exchange, a crypto trading platform that allows users to access trading over 500 coins and 1000 trading pairs. IXFI was launched on December 1 with the intention of providing an alternative to banks.

IXFI: An Innovative Centralized Funding Crypto Exchange Designed For Investors

IXFI is emerging to provide users with a unique and seamless experience with fast transactions, high security, and negligible hidden fees. With its state-of-the-art centralized crypto exchange, IXFI aims to become an all-inclusive platform where traders can have access to all the tools needed to trade and crypto-related features, such as crypto loans and coins. card solutions.

CEO and Founder Cristian Andrei’s vision has been to create a safe and friendly exchange that talks about financial independence and gives people more choice and opportunity to participate in the cryptoversy. Already, this is what the exchange offers its users. IXFI encourages people to think big and be open to the functionality of the exchange.

As mentioned earlier, the IXFI wallet supports trading of 500 coins at the moment. This gives users the flexibility they need to trade different pairs. It also supports automated trading by providing accurate real-time reports and data to traders. What else? Traders can choose between spot trading and crypto exchange and can buy crypto securely and conveniently through a credit card.

Unique features of IXFI under development

Playground environment

The platform offers a form of dynamism in terms of trading. Generally, new traders are afraid to enter the world of trading to avoid losing their funds. To alleviate this fear, IXFI provides a safe playing field where these traders can practice their skills before entering the real world. You can call the gaming environment a virtual shopping space for beginners.

In this practice environment, several digital assets are available for trading. Users can access it for free to improve their skills without risk. The cool part of the practice is that users earn experience points and rewards which can be used in the IXFI exchange.

Crypto loans

Most people think that loans are only typical of financial institutions. Although the loan exists in the Challenge space, the IXFI exchange offers a unique dimension. Through the exchange, users can borrow loans against their available assets, which constitute their collateral. Although the assets are held during the loan period, users can still earn interest on them.

Win a program

IXFI also has the Earn program where users can maximize their crypto earnings. This product allows users to stake their crypto balance and take advantage of competitive APY rates. User incomes are aggravated, like the CeFi model. Users are required to open an account or participate in the investment pool.

Card solutions

IXFI allows users to receive crypto payments in certain regions. The team assures users that the point of sale will be enabled for users in authorized regions.

No wallet address

IXFI allows registered users to send or receive cryptos in their wallets without wallet addresses. This solves the problem of mastering crypto wallet addresses.

NFT barter exchange

IXFI has NFT users in mind and this explains the NFT barter exchange program. This is a one-stop solution for users who wish to trade their NFTs. No exchange offers similar functionality.

Many of these features are still in the development phase. The platform has deployed its web version available worldwide and will unveil the mobile version in February 2022.

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