Lioner launch ceremony in the presence of partners from the financial sector; new CEO appointed with focus on business growth

  • Over 100 financial industry executives joined Lioner’s launch ceremony, endorsing the company’s unique all-in-one solutions for insurance, trust and family office

  • Katrina chuk appointed Managing Director to strengthen Lioner’s ability to serve customers in Greater China

HONG KONG, Nov. 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lioner International Group Ltd. (Lioner), a pioneering financial services provider offering unique 3-in-1 solutions for wealth planning, today announces its official launch ceremony in Hong Kong, in the presence of more than a hundred key executives from the financial sector, and at the same time announced the appointment of Katrina chuk as a general manager to drive the growth of the company mainly in Greater China.

(Left to right: Joseph Lin, Head of Lioner; Katrina Chuk, CEO of Lioner; Dixon Wong, Head of Financial Services and Global Head of Family Office at InvestHK; Raymond Cheng, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Tony Chan, Lioner Partner; Andrew Chan, Lioner Partner; Kelvin Fung, Lioner Group COO)

Charles Ng, Managing Director of Investment Promotion (Sector Specialists) of Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), supported the ceremony. InvestHK established a dedicated FamilyOfficeHK team earlier this year, coinciding with the founding of Lioner. InvestHK strengthened that of Hong Kong unique advantages as a premier family office hub in Asia. The new team of InvestHK aims to promote family office business and offer one-stop services to family offices in Hong Kong. Lioner shares the same vision and is committed to leveraging that of Hong Kong unique position and the support of InvestHK to accelerate its growth in the region.

Ms. Chuk is based in Hong Kong and she will focus on growing the business in Greater China, especially continental China, to take advantage of the market gap identified by Lioner for a truly holistic financial service for high net worth individuals (HNWI). Ms. Chuk is an industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in the insurance brokerage, banking and securities industries. She specializes in the management of complex multi-party contracts and premium financing agreements. Prior to Lioner, Ms. Chuk was Senior Vice President of the International Planning Group (IPG).

Joseph lin, Officer in charge at Lioner, said, “We welcome Katrina. She is a native Chinese speaker and has a thorough understanding of Chinese culture. the company, so it’s great that she is joining the team. Chinese entrepreneurs have been very successful in creating and accumulating wealth over the past decades. As their businesses mature, they look for ways to preserve that wealth and plan for succession. Greater China region offers remarkable opportunities for Lioner. Katrina will be instrumental in finding, seizing and building these opportunities. “

Katrina chuk, Chief Executive Officer of Lioner said: “I am honored to be part of the Lioner team. Along with other talents, I want to leverage my industry knowledge and experience with Chinese clients to extend the unique services offered by Lioner to broaden our reach in Greater China. I am especially excited about Lioner’s 360 degree integrated solution approach that allows me to help clients overcome a variety of challenges in wealth planning and succession planning. “

Commenting on the ceremony, Mr. Lin said: “We are delighted to see many industry partners joining our launch ceremony and showing their strong support. Our integrated solutions for HNWIs are unique in the market. Through our flexible business model, we aim to foster strong relationships with our partners, complementing their offerings and mutually beneficial in the long term. “

Lioner adopts a flexible business model that complements partners in private banking, asset management, insurance and other professional services. The company tailors complete solutions to complement partner offerings for HNWIs and meet their unique needs. The results are greater customer satisfaction through greater efficiency, better financial returns, harmonious succession and harmonious family relationships.

Lioner recently implemented an internationally recognized information security management system, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, and achieved certification by LRQA, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited, marking a significant milestone in continued growth and the success of our insurance brokerage services organization. The certification demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest levels of information security care to our customers, and the same high standard of conduct in our business practices.

About Lioner International Group Ltd.

Lioner International Group Ltd. is the industry’s one and only integrated insurance, trust and family office consortium, founded by ethnic Chinese partners, which provides comprehensive solution services for high and high net worth individuals, families and businesses with unique and diverse needs. With over a century of combined industry knowledge, our top professionals strive to provide sophisticated, world-class expertise in heritage protection and heritage preservation for clients worldwide. Further information is available at follow us on LinkedIn or visit our press room at for the latest company news.

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