Relying on the advantages of integrated financial services, SEUS International Group Limited provides diversified services to investors

The current epidemic continues to recur, the global economic recovery faces more instability, and international financial markets are more volatile. Therefore, for many investors who wish to stand firm in the complex environment of today’s international market and achieve abundant returns on investment, one should not only have a mature and sophisticated investment experience, but also a professional team to provide flexible and diversified investment products, combined. and without delay, fast execution trading platform to do ancillary services.

SEUS International Group Limited always insists on returning to the origin of financial capital market service and considers service to financial sector as an important concept, diving deep into financial market, helping investors to successfully avoid financial market risks using risk management tools such as high leverage, low spreads, no repeat quotes and fund escrow; at the same time, create personalized trading risk control solutions to meet the individual needs of different investors and improve the depth of services.

SEUS International Group Limited is dedicated to providing a full range of financial derivatives trading services to its clients and has grown into one of the most professional integrated financial service providers in the world.

Innovative features: slicing transaction portraits, stratifying clients to create warm compliance and risk control

Futures trading is leveraged and the exposure is generally higher than that of other financial products such as stocks and bonds. While lower margin and commission rates can attract more clients, the potential risk is also higher. SEUS International Group Limited adheres to its own standards for margin and commission ratios, thereby controlling trading risks to a certain extent and ensuring the safety of accounts receivable. The dynamic margin adjustment system is based on clients’ trading conditions.

Risk control: accountability for risk management and personalized solutions for inter-portfolio investment products

In addition to providing futures trading services to investor clients, SEUS also provides risk management advisory services to investors in need, providing clients with a flexible and diversified cross-portfolio of investment products.

SEUS combines years of experience in the field of international financial markets and models of top international service teams to provide investors with a full range of solutions ranging from advisory, product portfolio, risk identification, l ‘allocation of leverage to the matching of trading platforms.

In addition, all funds traded through the SEUS International Group Limited platform are subject to the strictest regulations of the world’s strictest regulator, ASIC, Regulation No. 001292498, and in accordance with relevant regulations. of the Financial Conduct Authority, all clients of SEUS In accordance with the regulations of the Financial Conduct Authority, all funds of the clients of SEUS are segregated from the company’s own funds and are held separately in the largest banks in the world. SEUS has also established a fiduciary guarantee with each bank to prevent the bank’s embezzlement of customer funds.

Therefore, choosing a good forex broker can be very beneficial for subsequent forex investments. The SEUS trading platform has been recognized by many organizations and markets for its high coverage and high efficiency services. In the future, SEUS International Group Limited will provide investors with safer, faster and more professional services in a professional spirit.

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