Securities Finance Industry News | CanDeal partners with IHS Markit

CanDeal, a provider of Canadian financial markets, data and information services, announced a partnership with IHS Markit.

The company will integrate its proprietary market data into the IHS Markit platform to provide a new level of fixed income pricing accessibility for the Canadian market.

In an effort to solve “one of the most pressing problems” facing Canadian financial markets, CanDeal Data and Analytics (DNA) will use the accuracy of prices provided by dealers to solve the problem.

According to CanDeal, leveraging data for participants in the Canadian fixed income market has been a persistent challenge for decades due to insufficient accessibility solutions.

By integrating CanDeal’s instant prices at 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., IHS Markit clients will have access to market datasets and be able to make more informed pre- and post-trade decisions while mitigating market risk. .

Krishna Shetty, Executive Director of Fixed Income Business Development at IHS Markit, said: “Canadian institutions need tools that are relevant to their market. Providing CanDeal’s prices alongside IHS Markit’s assessed bond prices will give clients the right tools for their pricing, risk management and trading needs from a single source. We are delighted to partner with CanDeal to provide additional coverage and transparency to our Canadian client base and those trading in the Canadian market.

Robin Hanlon, Director, Marketing and Product Sales at CanDeal Data and Analytics, adds: “There is an ongoing shift in Canadian fixed income markets driven by better access to data and wider adoption of analysis tools.

“A major player like IHS Markit leveraging fixed income data from CanDeal will help accelerate this positive momentum and continue to bring the efficiencies to Canadian bond markets that participants have been seeking for years.”

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