Why Jersey Drivers Really Need Their Cars Washed This Week

Take this as advice to do as I say not as I do. Brother, wash your car!

I’m terrible when it comes to this myself. But even I will heed this warning coming from AAA this week. We just had a killer snowstorm this week and we have even more winter to come. There is a lot of brine and road salt. And it damages your car in ways it’s easy not to think.

Brake lines. Petrol tank. Exhaust systems. Exposed car parts under your vehicle are slowly being corroded by the de-icing chemicals used on Jersey roads.

Although we don’t want to think about it, AAA’s John Nielsen says, “Repairs to fix these problems are often expensive, averaging nearly $500 per occurrence.


So a $20 car wash can be more than profitable.

a car driving through an automatic car wash.


AAA says that over the past five years, 22 million drivers in the United States have suffered damage to their cars from what we use to de-ice the roads. In fact, a bill has just been introduced in the new legislative session that would study the effects of road salt used in New Jersey. It would study not only the cost of the damage caused, but also the environmental impacts and look for alternatives.

But NJ Turnpike Authority spokesman Thomas Fenney doesn’t think the alternatives will be as effective at keeping freeways clear. He told NJ.com, “Salt and brine are the best options for keeping roads safe during winter storms, and safety is our primary concern. AAA offers expert advice for motorists who want to reduce the risk of rust.

So wash your car. As I will this week too. And let’s all pay extra for that undercarriage scrubbing. Your car and your wallet will thank you later.

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